Astra Security travels the whole state of Iowa and more protecting all types of farms. Big or small we do it all, from equipment storage buildings to cattle farms & more.  

  • Security:
    • Astra sells, installs, and services high quality reliable 24/7 monitored security alarm systems.  Our wireless two way communicating security sensors have built in frequency hopping technology to ensure the highest level of reliability and security. Our security systems also have a one mile wireless range allowing you to protect all your buildings and property with just one system. 

  • Automation Integration:
    • Using our high powered security platform we're able to automate lights, locks, thermostat control and more.  We can then monitor temperature highs and low set points, water levels or freeze monitoring, fire, water control and more. Text alerts, emails, and 24/7 professional monitoring allows you to control who gets alerted and notified of any critical and non critical events and troubles.

  • ​IP 1080P Camera CCTV Systems
    • Record what matters most to you with our 24/7 reliable video surveillance systems.  Up to 120 days of continuous recording capabilities and remote access on and off site allows you to rest assured if our cameras saw it we recorded it.  You'll be able to view your cameras day or night from anywhere in the world. 

Do you have multiple buildings on site?  Our outdoor access points allow you to connect up to 10 buildings up to 5 miles apart with one system recording it all back to one central location. This is then all viewable from one simple app, computer, or local monitor.

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